WE think that this country needs a new political system.

we will place here all our ideas about what should be done, how this change should come about, what the change should be.


The above phrase was said on board ships, it meant


pay attention to what is said.


It was used to call for divers to be ready or an shipboard announcement that the evening movie was cancelled. Any Information that individual crew members

or the crew as a whole needed to know.


i use it here to give information such as


Our Plan For The Future

on the website is a work in progress.


Lisabela has ideas and essays written on paper offline about the plan but has not got the finished plan online yet.


Shes working on it.


You can help.


Let Lisabela know what you want to see in the Future. What do want England and The UK to be like 5 years from today 10 years 20 years.


For Example


Do You want to see more of THEM



A complete re-design of the Political Situation in this country. A new Politics.



We would like to see DIRECT VOTING by registered voters in parliamentary votes.


In other words you dont need an MP to represent you, You vote Yourself through your smartphones or home computers.



The Current Constitution of the United Kingdom is a document by the Rich for the Rich.

It essentially makes all people in the UK the Slaves of one person who is called the Monarch. Thats why you get Elizabeth calling you "My Subjects" in her speeches at parliament. The rest of this constitution is all about preserving the monarchy and who can be monarch etc. 


It has absolutely nothing to do with our times or with peaople.


We say it time for a new written Constitution. This would put in writing what this country holds as Most Important. Such things as FREEDOM of the people, RIGHTS of the individual. Duties and responsibilities of the Government & The State.


We say that it is the job of the Government to SERVE the People and PROTECT the People and The FREEDOM and RIGHTS of the people.


We say this land should not be owned by a few Very rich people it should be held in common by all citizens.


We say that Governments should work to achieve a land of



We say that the current Constitution and the actions of the Government do not serve The People they only serve the few rich.


We say that it is now The Future 2017. We are 17 years into the 21st century and we are still being ruled by governments and politics which belong in the Dark days of The Victorian Age. Oliver Twist of Dickens fame who was left to starve and Die in the Workhouse.


Todays Labor party are a party of the Rich and they were the first to start persecuting the most vulnerable people- The Disabled. They brought in the hated tests which steal disability benefits from people, and which have caused people DEATH. 

Suicides have happened and been denied by all the supporters of the System Of Goverment By The Rich Of The Rich for the Rich.

and so we suggest.


3: MPs WAGES CUT TO £19,030 per year, Their expense accounts cut in half, Prime Ministers wage to be No Morwe than £35,000 per year, Ministers wages to be cut to £25,000 for all Ministries. This to make a start on changing the face of politics. The current wages make every MP a RICH person, and subsequently NOT an ORDINARY person. This produces the Government for the Rich. The wage cuts will change this.

We need to get Careerist politicians with money bag eyes out of the parliament, replaced by younger people with Vision. Until taht day that the Parliament is truly of the people, DEBATE online and involving everyone, voting by the people ONLINE,  A Parliament which moves. The actual parliament building at westminister to be closed,

possibly demolished. Possibly sold to a developer. The parliament that remains being a place of Learning, a sort of University of Politics and Governance. In this place the Proffesors and Academics and Students can design the new ways of Voting, New Economic systems, etc which when they are ready can be voted on by the people.


Treaties such as the European can be readied and then voted on by the people. 


The Focus of the Places of Learning dedicated to Designing the Governments Laws and Economics of the Future will be to properly prepare for any change so that the political disaters of the current Brexit campaigns cannot happen again.


These places should be moving around the country much as the City of Culture currently does. The British parliament should be In a specific British city for a period of 5 Years which is the current term of a Government. Then it should move to a different City for the next 5 years. 


The people who can be elected to these positions should be qaulified Academics. Proffessors who are experts in the field. 


This new House of parliament should be Replacing the Current House of Lords.


We say that the Monarchy in all its forms should ABOLISHED and this country become a Modern Republic. All titles, Lordships etc abolished. No more Hereditary Peerages, even Life peerages. 


4: We say that the Rich have had their day, Their Decade, Their Century, their Millenium, Theyve had all the weath for thousands of years, living on the backs of the ordinary people,




They live in palaces you get a Bedroom Tax.


We Say we will create a

BASIC INCOME GRANT. This will be given to all the people in the UK.

It will be untaxed. the people who below a certain income and wealth will recieve the Grant. If a person works they still pay Tax on their Earned income but the Basic Income Grant (BIG) will be untaxed income. 


The RICH people will pay for this through their taxes.


People with more than a certain amount will pay incrementally like the council tax. 

So, someone might NOT get the Basic Income Grant and they get a Bill instaed to pay the treasury for the Basic Income Grant.


This will eventually and quite quickly get rid of the huge income gap between the poor have nots and the rich haves.



We say that the wealth in this country belongs to all. the RICH have it because either they stole it by taking the biggest portion of profits from the companies they owned and headed and giving the people who actually do the work and actually make the products etc take less than their fair share. OR

Their ancestors stole it in similar ways or even directly through using men at arms to take over villages drive people awy then build their stately homes on the land. The Common lad was owned by the people for grazing animals etc and this was Stolen by a Government in past centuries through the Enclosure Act. the Rich will have their property assesed and valued and the history checked. Such land stolen from the people will be returned and any staely homes confiscated with no compensation given to the owners. If any person owns a Staley home and has Millions in the bank their Bank Balances will be required to be Given to the Treasury and the Homes will be Confiscated.


Only the Rich need worry about this as the Value we set currently is £500,000 total Wealth including Homes. Most ordinary people have homes averaging £100,000 to £250,000 and most peoples bank balances are perhaps £100 to £30,000.


So if you have a home valued at £250,000 with £30,000 saved in the bank a caravan on a site worth £12,000 your' wealth is £392,000 and you wont be affected.


If you've got a Company that will confiscated and converted into a Workers Co-operative. All profits will be shared by the All the workers. You will be now the Manager of that Workers Co-operative. The workers are now your bosses. The Profit sharing will include you allthough yor wage as manager may be reduced.












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