star anchor - first class

Star Anchor - First Class.

Types of Rank Insignia.



There are 3 Classes of Star Anchor. They all are a gold 8

pointed star. They all contain an anchor raised in the centre.




There are 3 circles around the anchor on the

Star Anchor 1st Class - This is the Medals Name - also the Flag Star as the Rank is - Flag, 


there are 2 Circles around the Anchor on the

Star Anchor 2nd Class - This is the Medals Name - also the Fleet Star as the Rank is - Fleet, 


There is 1 Circle around the anchor on the 

Star Anchor 3rd Class - This is the Medals Name - also the Rank Star as the Rank is - Rank,  


These Stars are Combined with Bars for most Ranks in The Space Navies.


There are 6 Levels


Hand - which is the Lowest

Chief - Which is Non Commissioned Officer - similar to sergeants

Lieutenants - Lowest Commissioned Officer





The Star Anchor 3rd Class Combined with The Bar For Rank Hand is the Lowest Rank in the Space Navies above Recruit who get the Star only. The Stars are pinned on the Lapels one on each side.


The Highest Ranks are

Flag Marshalls - who wear a Flag Star Combined With a Marshalls Bar





No Picture Yet of our Uniforms This is Coming soon. Just as Soon as I can Get A Decent Photo.

So for the moment here is your MoTSN

( Marshall of The Space Navies)

Lisabela Marschild

with a Smile.


I chose to show this as it shows her Dress and the Colour Magenta which is the official colour of The Space Navies


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This will be our Next Rank Insignia.

It is a Bar For A Hand And will be used with the stars either

the Flag Star

or Fleet Star

or Rank Star

to Denote 3 Ranks for our Lowest Ranking Personnel 

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