Well It's been a little while since Ive updated. Its now OCTOBER and the colder weather is here. Whats new for us is that Iv'e been donatine some Musical Instruments to a local school. my connection is just that my employees kid goes there and they've been hit hard by the education commitee who are obeying Government rules which say kiddies can't study music in primary schools. I think that stinks. its just one more assault on ordinary working people by the scum who rule this land. The torys traditionally were only ever interested in the 6 Rs thats Reading Riting Rithmatic Religion and Rules, Me ive' always favored the other 2, Rebelion and Revolution. So ive donated 12 Harps to the school and theyve arranged a tutor to teach the kids. Apparently theyre buzzing with excitement, so thats great.

 Ive been working on a new project i want to start which is a newspaper. This was going to be weekly but wil have to start as a monthly.

It will cost 25p and will have 16 pages of coloured text and images. The layout is being prepared by myself now and will be ready shortly.


i will update about this here as it proceeds. I will be publishing this as a Print edition and later as a digital. I actually prefer the print as its nice to have paper in your hands and there is a little secret trick about this paper which I hope people will like.


We have decided that we can no longer support Europe. this is due to the actions of the Eurepean union parliament which supported the Spanish government in their brutality and anti-democratic actions against the Catalan Paeople. We fully support Catalonia and the Independence movement and due to these actions we are now PRO Brexit.


We still think Brexit is flawed and could be a dangerous power grab by the government especially the tories but we now cannot in any way support the EU.


i must go now and see to mums needs.


All the Best







No Picture Yet of our Uniforms This is Coming soon. Just as Soon as I can Get A Decent Photo.

So for the moment here is your MoTSN

( Marshall of The Space Navies)

Lisabela Marschild

with a Smile.


I chose to show this as it shows her Dress and the Colour Magenta which is the official colour of The Space Navies


The Space Navies

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NE21 4BN

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Mob: 07804 634690

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This will be our Next Rank Insignia.

It is a Bar For A Hand And will be used with the stars either

the Flag Star

or Fleet Star

or Rank Star

to Denote 3 Ranks for our Lowest Ranking Personnel 

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