So Here we are then end of the year. This is the Update for NOVEMBER but its already DECEMBER when Im writing this. I'm worried about my Mum who is deppressed at the moment. She is 83 years old and suffers from a neuromuscular condition which she has had for years. More recently she has suffered increasing problems with memory. It is possible she has had a series of small strokes and these have caused her problems with communicating. This is currently being investigated and she is waiting for a CAT scan. She has been visited by a Psychiatrist wo is a Specialist in problems with the brain in old age. The Communication problems are very frustating for her and combined with an increase in her physical problems she now is feeling depressed about her life. She is not suffering from Semility now Alzeimers and so is aware of the difficulties she has now and also her increasing care needs. She feels she is a burden, and has said of herself that she is a waste of space. I obviously counter this by saying she is not that she is a wonderful lady and that I love her but it is a difficulty. She is aware that she is not what she was and this is what causes her deppression. She feels that our Carer is wasting time with her which she should have with her family. We have both told her that our carer likes to come to our home and help and I have told her that our carer is ok about this. She wont be convinced. I have told her that we have a date, I have put this in my Diary.


The Date is


12th September 2037


On this date Mum will be 103 years of age and I have told her that she will return from her Daily Jog in time to give a present to our Carer/friends daughter who will be 21 years on that day. Mum will be young with the appearance of a 25 year old and fit and healthy and not disabled. This will be because she takes a pill on a daily which rejuvenates her body. 


She smiles at my Diary Date


I enjoy seeing her smile.


Science is progressing and as this is 20 years ahead of us I am confident that the Rejuve Pill will be a Reality by then.


The Worlds population can rise as there is plenty of ocean and sea and we are allready building artificial islands etc. Plenty of room.


Science will Save us and GREEN our world. It will be a paradise.


She watches her DVDs . Several daily, mostly films and practically all adventure and Science Fiction.


Give her a choice of Sound of Music or Die Hard and she chooses die Hard.


I'm getting sick of waiting for my sex change and have started a complaint against the Service and the NHS and i am very likely to pursue a prosecution and compensation claim.

I have been with the service for 3 and a half years and should be a woman by now.

I'm not even on hormones and they are messing me around. Ive contacted a surgeon about a private operation and it will cost £13,950.00p 

Nearly Fourteen Thousand Pounds.


i will try to make the NHS fund £10,000.00p as this is the costs of the operation on the NHS and I am going to fight them for £4000 compensation for the misery they've caused me with the ridiculous waiting and lack of care or support.


It really is disgusting, especially considering the number of Transexuals who commit suicide. The endocrinologist was an ignorant uncaring pig.


The service are agist and disablist.

Ive been working on my BYBEL which is the Holy book of the Space Navies or more properly the Unholy Book also called Sinbook. It describes the Space Navies position on Religion etc and is a book of Blasphemy and Heresy which I embrace and as this is my organisation I make it a way for The Space Navies as well. The idea is that the world has suffered long enough from Horrible religions and we therefore take an opposite opinion. For example, the so-called holy books of 3 major religions condemn homosexuality and say what believers should do to anyone found to be Homo. This always involves the most hideous torture and murder and is completely wrong. Our modern world embraces the freedom of GAY people to live how they wish and love who they want. Gay marriage Gay familes bringing uo children etc are all normal in todays world and still LBGTQI individuals suufer horrible persecution and these filthy religions are part of the persecution.


I russia sucha holocaust against gay people is happening now and it is just like the Nazis did.


Lithuania showed how Christians should actually act toward Gay people when the Patriarch of the Lithuanian Orthodox Churxh and several of his priests and monks posed semi nude in erotic poses for a Calender in support of LBGTQI people evrywhere. This was to condemn the Russian Orthodox Church Its patriarch and Priest and Monks who are filthy Monsters who have been calling for persecution against LBGTQI people and also even murder. The lithuanian Church is right, The Russian Church is Wrong so FUCK THEM.








No Picture Yet of our Uniforms This is Coming soon. Just as Soon as I can Get A Decent Photo.

So for the moment here is your MoTSN

( Marshall of The Space Navies)

Lisabela Marschild

with a Smile.


I chose to show this as it shows her Dress and the Colour Magenta which is the official colour of The Space Navies


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