Well, we are now in August. As I get older I find myself feeling as if Time is speeding up and that sometimes the World is going too fast. i am horrified with the NEWS from both the UK and the rest of the World at the moment. It is as if we are hurtling to a deadly future of Viscous fasism just like the world in the early 1930s before the rise of the Nazis.


I am totally horrified with the Homophbic violence in Chechnya nad Russia, and the rise of the Right Wing Fascist Trump or as I cal him President Rump. Ive painted a nice picture of him and his supporters. I think the USA is headed for another Civil War. I am equally horrified with the UK. T May has given £1 Billion pound to the worst Bigots in Britain the DUP.


At home we've been watching a lot of Minions which Dorothy has Developed a great liking for. She has watched the Minions Movie anout 50 times now and still asks for it every night.


ive been working on some new Uniform designs and a special outfit for me to show my dislike of the royals.


I will try to update again soon. We have been very busy, especially with financial things.


The beurocracy in this country is terrible.


Thank you for supporting me in my election campaign.


81 people chose to vote for me which is more than I expected. It is a good start for a little known party in its first election campaign.


That means that 81 people can see things inteligently and see that we actually want to change things. the impression I got was that most people are so disaffected wit politicians that they thought of not voting but decided to voet for me because I was saying that politicians should be sacked and a new way of direct democracy developed.


Politicians are self serving greedy bastads and bitches and the new MP for Blaydon is the same


LIZ TWIST is a Hypocryte


Pretending to serve ordinary people while taking £75,000p a year in Salary.


No ORDINARY person No WORKER gets that HUGE salary, most are on £20-25,000p per year or less.


Even if she claims she has been an ordinary working person it is now HISTORY it is the past, she is now one of the Rich elite scum who are stamping on everybody who is ordinary.





No Picture Yet of our Uniforms This is Coming soon. Just as Soon as I can Get A Decent Photo.

So for the moment here is your MoTSN

( Marshall of The Space Navies)

Lisabela Marschild

with a Smile.


I chose to show this as it shows her Dress and the Colour Magenta which is the official colour of The Space Navies


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