Information about her Campaign and The Policies and Manifesto, Aims and Objectives of The Space Navies Will be placed on this website But please be aware that Lisabela

is a Full Time Carer for her mother and is also disabled, SO, unlike the careerist politicians and many candidates for the 3 BIG BAD parties

The LIBDEMLABORTORY of The Greedy & Self Seving who have Millions of pounds of funding from their RICH & SUPER-RICH donors and backers, and can pay for people to prepare and update websites and design and print leaflets.


LISABELA is POOR and alone and must divide her time at the moment between her caring duties and her political campaign.


This Website is a Work in progress, so please be patient and if you dont get the information you want at forst call back later and LISABELA will have updated it.


Any information you wish for will be available on the ELECTION page and its LINKS, thats the best place to go to. 


Lisabela will be uploading a FAQ shortly, check back here for this.



Well, Dorothea and I have had a very stressful time over the last few months. Starting Last september when D had a fall and had to go to hospital That's when the whole apparatus of the new FASCIST state of england began to stamp on us both.

Suffice to say that they tried to force D to go to live in an old peoples home which actually should be called a Death Camp for old people. i helped her escape that awful fate and return home and thats how its been for the months up to now. Stress and harrasment as they tried to bring in issues of safeguarding, which failred as D told them who she likes and where she wants to live, and much more importantly WHERE SHE DOES NOT WANT TO LIVE. Were through the worst of it for now. However it has changed us. I was begining to have a little trust in social workers over the last several years, but now I dont trust any of them. They are dangerous. Just as they used to be.


My Art practice has been stalled for months and also my web activities. But "I'm back"

to quote the machine man from terminator. I will try to upload some more art I have managed to do in the last few weeks.


I will also continue with the creation of a webspace for D for her ART and

I will upload some songs into a new Section on Space Navies Music, including some just written this week.


I'm also planning to upload a new photo of me and one of D.



Here Is The Newest And Truest Portrait of The Queen of England.



Today We Remembered The Brave and Great Hero James Connolly who the brutish empire shot dead 100 years ago by Flying his flag The Starry Plough at half mast on our backyard Flagpole. We also declared ourselves INDEPENDENT of the Brutish Nation and it's government with our Declaration of Independence which we print Below.


On Tuesday Night we posted copies to the queen at Buckingham Palace

to David Cameron at 10 Downing Street

to the Editors of


The Daily Mirror

The Guardian


The Times


As Yet we have had No Reaction At all

We Suggest that anyone who feels as we do copy, sign and post the Declaration

To the Same Addresses. 


We can then Organise and Call for The New Republic.




Pre -Amble


Inasmuch as the government of this country is a load of shite and serves only the filthy rich like

The Fucking Old Tart in Buckingham Palace calling herself Queen Elisabeth the Second and that this is the Fucking twenty first century and such inequality in this land and in our World is totally unacceptable and Very Nasty - Nazi, and that the institution of the Fucking monarchy is the biggest proponent and protector of the absolutely obscene weapons manufacturing industry and its only product The Obscenity that is war,


We The People of This Land do follow in the footsteps of Brave and Great Men and Women in centuries past in This Land and Ireland and The United States of America and other countries with similar histories and traditions and do hereby and now declare that We are FREE and INdependent

 Individuals, that we absolutely REJECT the Institution of monarchy as an abhorrent crime against Humanity and call upon all right minded individuals in this land today to rise up and declare their FREEDOM 


We Demand an End to ALL Unfairness and the numerous Injustices of CLASS that still curse these shores. We Demand that a New REPUBLIC Be Established with a Democratically elected President and Ministers who SERVE the people and Not themselves or Super Rich Corporations. We Demand that this REPUBLIC be Established For The People By The People with a New Constitution which ENSHRINES as Basic Knowledge that ALL Humans are BORN EQUAL and should Never Be Enslaved in Any Way be this by force and violence or through the means of unfair economic structures and laws, that any institution of government should work toward the Goals of the Creation of  Lands and a World fit for All People to live in. That this goal must only be achieved through PEACE and Co-Operation

as it is accepted that it can never be achieved by war and violence.


WE Demand the Abdication TODAY of the Fucking Old Tart Calling herself Elisabeth the Second and her Entire BROOD.


We Further Demand The Siezure Of ALL her property, wealth and possessions and of her brood.


We Follow This With A Demand For her Arrest For Being a Great Thief as her ancestors before her, stealing this land and it's wealth for herself and her sick o fans calling themselves lords.


These Demands We Call For TODAY and Then ENACT by Our Own Will Through Our Actions in this Declaration and By The Demands of History Herself.


We are of The Future yet this is the Dreadful Past.

She Leads her Hordes onward to Further WAR and Death.

Demanding NOW Through her Own Royal Brutish Legion that Our Own Children be ready to die for their country as Future Soldiers.

We Say





Your Time Is Over

Signed This Day

Thursday 12th May 2016



 The Marshall of The SpaceNavies                  The Marshall of The Space Fleet

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