Here's where you can read about Dorothea's Impairment and how her Disability affects her Life and her Art and Music. Her need for support due to the discrimination of those people supposed to help with her care needs, from the Local Social Services department to the so called Care Agencies which are nothing more than the long arm of the greedy capitalist state. Feel free to Donate Funds to Help Dorothea and Her Daughter Lisabela to meet their Care Needs and Finally be free of that long evil arm of the fascists nation that Britain is currently becoming. PRESS the Donate Button below to give Funds/money. This is perfectly legal and can come from any place on Earth. You will be Giving a Gift to Lisabela. She will fill out her tax returns at year end to show the state and will pay whatever they legally demand and she will post the documents about her finances here for all to see. All she wishes is to be FREE from the interference with her life and to have at least a little comfort and Joy from life for herself and her mother. All she wants for the entire world and all of the people is exactly the same.

Anyone in the UK can Give a gift of £350 per year to a person without this affecting their tax. This is the Limit on Charitable gifting to individuals. It is a total figure which means if you gave Dorothea £350 you have had your limit and then if you were wanting to give an amount to a relative you would pay tax on the amount. You may still give money to someone however. the tax rate is 20% so that means if you gave a gift to Dorothea the government would make you pay 20% tax on that gift.

Charities are not affected by this Tax rule. Any amount you give to charities is tax free. But In many ways Charities are useless. They often do not give help to disabled people, and the rules are worked to make it well nigh impossible to get financial funding from them.





No Picture Yet of our Uniforms This is Coming soon. Just as Soon as I can Get A Decent Photo.

So for the moment here is your MoTSN

( Marshall of The Space Navies)

Lisabela Marschild

with a Smile.


I chose to show this as it shows her Dress and the Colour Magenta which is the official colour of The Space Navies


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