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Lisabela Marschild is the Marshall of the Space Navies. She is it's leader. She has recently begun Gender Reassignment which means that she has changed sex from being a Man to being a Woman. She was called Ceiteach (Pronounced Keetack) Maschl (Pronounced Marshall) when she began the Space Navies in 2006 by Creating The Space Navies Party as a Political Party in the UK and registering it with the Electoral Commission. She has worked for the last 10 years to build the Space Navies as an organisation with a Vision, an organisation styled on miltary lines with Ranks and insignia to wear, medals awarded for various important reasons, uniforms to wear them on, with a Manifesto and policies for the party, flags to fly and parade, songs and music to sing and play,BUT DIFFERENT to any Military as This Is The Worlds First Navy Dedicated to PEACE AND PROSPERITY FOR ALL

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Party Leader

Marshall Lisabela Marschild

Formerly known as

Marshall Ceiteach Michl Marschl


10 Greenbank  


NE21 4BN


Phone: 07804634690




Dorothe De La Flores Sylvestres formerly called Dorothy Mitchell  is The Marshall of The Space Fleet. She is it's Treasurer. She has worked alongside Marshall Lisabela who is her Daughter, formerly Her Son, to create a vision of a Future which all people could aspire to and look forward to creating. A world of peace and prosperity for all. She is retired these days but in her long life she worked for the Best welfare of workers as an Officer on the Central Commitee of a National Union. She always stood firm on her principles of workers rights and against the various evil forces that stood against her and with the Bosses. She Fought Margaret Thatcher and had a personal incident with Michael Heselltine when he was the Minister For Defence. He tried to have her sacked for doing her job after he had been trying to misuse his powers to help a friend. Such corruption existed in the 1980s under thatcher as it does today, CRONEYISM especially among Tories. He said she would pay for her actions and she suffered terrible discrimination/persecution in her workplace later. She is 83 Years of age. She has worked for 2 Worldwide Charities, visited Geneva in the 1980s as part of a charity group to take part in a conference on The Geneva Convention.



Party Treasurer

Marshall Dorothea De La Flores Silvestres

Formerly Know as

Dorothy Mitchell


10 Greenbank


                            NE21 4BN


Phone: 01914408670






No Picture Yet of our Uniforms This is Coming soon. Just as Soon as I can Get A Decent Photo.

So for the moment here is your MoTSN

( Marshall of The Space Navies)

Lisabela Marschild

with a Smile.


I chose to show this as it shows her Dress and the Colour Magenta which is the official colour of The Space Navies


The Space Navies

SNV Freedom

10 Greenbank 

NE21 4BN

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Mob: 07804 634690

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This will be our Next Rank Insignia.

It is a Bar For A Hand And will be used with the stars either

the Flag Star

or Fleet Star

or Rank Star

to Denote 3 Ranks for our Lowest Ranking Personnel 

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